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Salt Lamp

Health Benefits of Salt Lamps People using salt lamps report improvement in their physical and mental well-being soon after starting to light them. They are said to help with: respiratory problems (including colds) allergies skin conditions mental and stress-related disorders (including insomnia) headaches and migraines rheumatism blood system disorders. Due to their calming colors (different shades of orange and pink), they have also been used in color therapy to help treat neurotic disorders and sleeplessness. The lamps have been recommended for anyone wishing to: Improve the quality of air in their immediate environment. Achieve a feeling of relaxation and meditation. Improve various health disorders and maintain good health. Salt Lamps in your Home: Where and When Don’t expect massive improvements if you tuck away a single lamp in the far corner of your house where no-one ever goes. These lamps have a limited range. You will achieve best results if you place them somewhere where you and your family spend a lot of time, or where there are a lot of electronic appliances. It is suggested to have more than just one lamp. You can start with one of course and then add to your collection as you go along. It’s similar to plants – the more the better. You should aim to have at least one in every room you frequently use, such as bedrooms and living rooms. Think about the following: Where do you spend most time? Where do you have a lot of ‘electronic smog’ from computers, TVs, mobile phones, etc.? Where would you like to enjoy the lamp’s relaxing effects? Then, place your lamps in these

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Posted On - 2015-07-31 02:46:59
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