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Swapzaar Viral Points Program: Grow your points effortlessly!

Every Action has an equal and rewarding reaction!!


  • For every action we will credit certain number of points to your Viral points account
  • To redeem points you must register with us and be logged in.
  • Each point= INR 1 - which means 200 points = Rs 200/- and so on.
  • Once you collect at least 200 points you can choose one of the several options available for redemption. See details below.
  • Redemption to shopping coupons can be done only at 1000 points or multiples thereof.
  • Redemption to Swapzaar buttons can start off after 200 points
  • Redemption to swapzaar buttons is nearly instant and you get a bonus for doing so.
    • 1 Swapzaar button= INR 100- which means 2 buttons= Rs 200/- and so on.
    • There is no quarter or half button denomination so if you have 250 points, the excess 50 points will stay in your viral points account.
  • You can choose how many points you wish to redeem at any time and the rest will stay in your Viral Points account.
  • You can choose to redeem in any combination: for example if you have 2500 points in your viral points account you can redeem 2000 points as a shopping voucher and the remaining 500 points as swapzaar buttons.
  • Points must be used up and/or redeemed within 12 months of earning them.
  • If your Swapzaar account stays inactive for more than 6 months, it may be deactivated and you may have to write to admin and reactivate the account in order to redeem your points.

Points scheme:

S.No Activity Name Points To be awarded for performing the activity Limits
1 Signup 100 Once a lifetime
2 Complete/Update your profile 200 Once a lifetime
3 Make a Purchase 10 points for every Rs.100 spent 2 times a day
4 List 2 products successfully 500 Once a lifetime
5 Photo testimonial: Share a selfie that features
your swapzaar purchase*
*subject to admin approval & applicable only to pictures uploaded via the Swapzaar website customer pictures app.
100 2 times a day
6 Social media / Email Referral Friend - Click 20 5 times a day
7 Referral friend - Signup 50 5 times a day
8 Referral friend - 1st Purchase / Listing 100 For first 10 referral friends

Redemption Options ( as of now we have these, we will add more in the near future)

S.No Number of Points redeemed
(1 Point = INR 1)
Redemption Option detailed Description
(1 Button = INR 100/-)
Redemption value in Rupees EXTRA earned value in Rupees
1 1000 Shopping voucher worth Rs.1000 from Jabong / Flipkart/ Amazon 1000 0
2 2500 Shopping voucher worth Rs.2500 from Jabong / Flipkart/ Amazon 2500 0
3 5000 Shopping voucher worth Rs.5000 from Jabong / Flipkart/ Amazon 5000 0
4 4000 50 SwapZaar Buttons 5000 1000
5 2000 25 SwapZaar Buttons 2500 500
6 1000 12 SwapZaar Buttons 1200 200
7 500 6 SwapZaar Buttons 600 100
8 200 2 SwapZaar Buttons 200 0


  • How do I earn points?
    • There are many easy ways by which you can earn points, please refer to the points scheme table given above.
    • The simplest place to start, of course, is to complete your profile.
  • Is there a limit on the points I can earn?
    • Yes, please refer to the points scheme above to see how many times you can do an activity in a day, to earn points.
    • It’s best to do these activities regularly by logging on at least once a week.
  • When do I get my points?
  • o The points are credited immediately to your account after every successful action.
  • Where do I track my points earned?
  • o When you log into your account on the left hand margin under account and subscribe list you will see a link called “Viral Points Dashboard”, you can click on that to track all your points earned and redeemed so far.
  • How do I redeem my points?
  • o See above point: when you go to your viral points dashboard, you can see an option called redeem my points- you can click on that to redeem your points.
  • How many points can I redeem?
    • As long as you have 200 points or more in your account you can redeem them as per the redemption plan given above – in round figures.
    • If you have odd points like 520 or 560 points in your account - you can redeem 500 points and the remaining points will be left in your account and you can grow them again by doing more activities.
  • Can I choose more than one way to redeem points?
  • o Yes, you can choose to redeem some points as Swapzaar buttons and some as a shopping voucher.
  • Why do I have to choose those redemption option denominations?
    • Those are the most common redemption denominations preferred by our members.
    • If you have 1800 viral points, you can choose to redeem 1000 points as a shopping voucher, 500 points as Swapzaar buttons then another 200 as Swapzaar buttons. This would redeem 1700 points and the rest (100 points) would stay in your account.
  • Is there a cap on the number of points I can redeem?
    • No, you can redeem as many points as you wish.
    • We recommend that you redeem your points when you reach about 2000, they are safe with us but don’t you want to use those hard earned points?
    • We also recommend that you login into Swapzaar and do some activities and earn/ redeem some points every few months.
  • What if I haven’t got points when my friend signed up?
    • It’s very important to tell your friends to sign up using the special link we have created for you. They should follow the link you share.
    • Your friend probably didn’t click on your link and sign up immediately. He/she probably came back directly to the website and signed up.
    • In this case you can ask him/her to use your link and signup again using a different email id and username.
  • I have redeemed my points for a shopping voucher, when will I get it?
    • Most probably within 48 hours or maximum within 5 working days your voucher will be emailed to you.
    • If not please contact admin.
  • What can I do with my swapzaar buttons?
    • Buy stuff on swapzaar.
    • Or save up and once you have 50 buttons you can request an encashment in the form of a credit to your bank account / a cheque in your name.
  • Can I also convert my swapzaar points to viral points?
  • o As of now once you convert your viral points to swapzaar points you can’t convert them back to Viral points.
  • Can I apply my viral points directly during purchase of items on Swapzaar?
    • As of now Swapzaar does not allow this, however we shall add this option soon.
    • However you can convert your points to buttons and then use the buttons for purchase of items on Swapzaar.
  • Does Swapzaar approve every listing?
    • Yes, every upload is checked and only after approval it appears on Swapzaar as a listing.
    • We do not allow bulk, spam and wholesale item listings.
  • Does Swapzaar charge for its services?
    • Upto 5 listings are free at a time, if you want more listings you have to pay for them.
    • We charge a 10% platform fee which is applied only when you wish to encash your buttons.
  • Can I open multiple accounts and transfer my points to any one of them?
    • You can operate multiple accounts as long as you use separate email ids and usernames (and ideally separate phone numbers).
    • You cannot transfer swapzaar buttons or viral points from one account to another.
  • I am new how do I understand how Swapzaar works?
  • o Thanks for signing up, please go to our “how it works page” and you should be able to understand how we operate really fast- it’s totally easy.
  • What do I do if I have more doubts and clarifications required?
    • Write in to admin at admin@swapzaar.com and we shall be most happy to address them.
    • We do not have telephonic customer support at the moment.
    • You could also whatsapp us on +91.7022466566
    • We will try and get back to you in 48 working hours.
Hi There,

Swapzaar is under renovation.
We are back at the drawing-board figuring out a better way to do this!

We don’t know when/if we’ll be back, but if you’re an existing member and you have any queries you could drop us a mail on swapzaar.com @ gmail.com ; we’ll try and get back to you as quickly as we can.

Our facebook page is still active, so you could stay connected there for updates.

Team Zaar